The future of high-precision rugged GPS data collection devices has arrived. No longer bound by the expensive solutions of the past, F4 Devices brings affordable world-class technology to the masses.

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F4Devices are designed for today’s mobile workforce whether you are in forestry, mining, oil and gas, utilities, law enforcement, farming, agriculture, surveying or any other industry that relies on advanced GIS technologies. The wait is over.

If you need precision, high productivity, and real time data collection in the field then F4 Tech has a product that can save you time, money and manpower.


GPS Units Improving Efficiency, Expanding Possibilities

July 30, 2014

  Hand-held field computers are being used in the woods everyday to collect data, tabulate forest inventory, formulate management decisions, and complete dozens of other tasks more efficiently. Thanks to the advances in hardware and software, high-tech forestry is becoming more widespread and more affordable... Read More Continue Reading →